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Our firm’s in-depth knowledge and experience with specialized industries gives us a competitive advantage when understanding your business needs. With this in mind, we offer Business Advisory services to make your organization more profitable, efficient and safeguarded.

We are a full-service business valuation and forensic accounting team, providing business valuations for financial reporting, estate and gift planning, sale and purchase purposes. We provide forensic accounting investigations for civil and criminal matters and testifying expert witness services in commercial disputes.

In early 2020, Rosenfield and Company merged with longtime friends at Morrison Valuation & Forensic Services (MorrisonVFS) to expand and enrich the bench strength of Rosenfield’s Business Advisory practice. Former managing partner of MorrisonVFS, Robert (Bob) Morrison, and his incredibly experienced and credentialed team brings to the table over 30 years of experience in complex litigation matters.

Our Business Advisory Services Include

  • Credit Underwriting Purposes – Debt Securing or Equity Financing
  • Litigation Purposes
    • Buy-Sell – Contractually Defined  
    • Buy-Sell – Appraisal Statutes
    • Valuing Pensions, Retirement Plans, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Valuations of Intangible Assets, Including
    • Technology/IP/Patents/Software
    • Non-compete Agreements
    • Personal Goodwill
    • Tradenames/Trademarks
  • Estate and Gift planning
  • Shareholder/Partner dispute
  • Merger Acquisition
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Consulting and Expert Witness Services to Parties in Litigation and Dispute Resolution Matters
    • Tortious Interference
    • Breach of Contract
    • Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret Infringement
    • Fraud in the Inducement
    • Fraudulent Conveyance
    • Employee Defalcation
    • Partner Disputes
    • Dissenting Shareholder
    • Corporate Dissolution
    • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices
    • Marital Dissolution
    • White Collar Fraud and Abuse
  • Services to Parties Related to Civil and Criminal Matters
    • Fraud in the inducement
    • Employee defalcation
    • White collar fraud and abuse    
    • Asset dispersion
    • Royalty audits              
    • Floorplan out-of-trust transactions
    • Partner disputes
    • Marital dissolution
    • Special Trust Accounting matters
  • Services to Parties in Insolvency Proceedings
    • Forensic accounting, Valuation Advisors to Debtors-in-Possession, Creditors’ Committees, Creditors, and Trustees
    • Preferential Transfer Investigations
    • Fraudulent Transfer Investigations
    • Claims Analysis  
    • Confirmation Plan Financial Feasibility   
    • Executory Contracts
    • Liquidation Analysis
    • Bankruptcy Fraud 
    • Preparation of Bankruptcy Schedules   
    • Preparation of Statement of Financial Affairs
    • Preparation of Debtor-in-Possession Reports
    • Financial Analysis
  • Serving as court-appointed neutral in bankruptcy court, federal district court, and state court
    • Bankruptcy Proceedings
    • Trustee 
    • Examiner
    • Liquidating Agent            
    • Chief Restructuring Officer 
    • Federal Court    
    • State Court
    • Receiver
    • Independent Subject Matter Expert
    • Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors
    • Special Master
    • Court Appointed Special Committee

Meet Our Firm Leader of Business Advisory

Robert Morrison,

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs

Robert Morrison, former Managing Partner of Morrison Valuation & Forensic Services, LLC, merged with Rosenfield and Company, PLLC in January 2020. He has over 10 years of experience in private industry corporate accounting and finance and almost 30 years of experience providing valuation, forensic and litigation consulting services.

Robert has provided expert testimony regarding financial and accounting matters in federal and state courts and in arbitration proceedings. Read more…

Insight From Our Business Advisory Clients