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Business Valuations

Our Business Valuation experience includes advisory services for closely-held, family-owned businesses to complex compliance and dispute resolution consulting for privately owned businesses. We have conducted business valuations for purposes of Estate and Gift Planning, Domestic Relations, Shareholder disputes, Income for retiring shareholders and managers, acquisitions and buy/sell activities. We currently carry two full time staff that has their ABV (Accreditation in Business Valuation) credentials.
We have conducted business valuations for many industries including retail Automobile Dealerships, Construction Companies, Cruise Lines, Professional Firms, Major Television Production Companies, Logistics Companies, and Finance Companies. We have been qualified as experts in many states and courts for our expertise in business valuations.

Our client list includes many of the nation’s top law firms specializing in Matrimonial Law, Civil and Commercial Litigators throughout the nation. Some recent cases we have been involved in have successfully moved the Goodwill of a large logistics company to be personal service goodwill and not be included as a marital asset, a large win for our client. Additionally, our business valuations have stood the test of time and withstood examinations by high levels of the Internal Revenue Service in Estate and Gift Tax Valuations.

In many cases, our specialized expertise in the automotive field has been cited by Judges in their opinions in deciding outcomes favorable to our clients. We have also been honored on a number of occasions where both parties to a matter have desired to use our firm for valuation issues, and the attorneys and judges have allowed our firm to act as the specialist in those matters.

We have conducted business valuations for many industries including:

  • Retail
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Construction Companies
  • Cruise Lines
  • Professional Firms
  • Major Television Production Companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Finance Companies