Dama Hergner

Dama Hergner

CPA, Firm Leader, Tax Services

Dama Hergner

I love what I do, and I think our clients appreciate that. Dama Hergner

About Dama Hergner

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Central Florida in 2006, Dama had an opportunity to join the Rosenfield and Company team. She is a licensed CPA in the State of Florida. Dama has provided services such as bookkeeping, consulting, project management and attestation; however, today she is solely focused on the tax needs of the firm’s clients.

Since her start with the firm she has had a truly unique perspective on the growth the firm has had. From primarily serving the automotive industry to the depth of Rosenfield and Company’s expansion to now serve clients in the industries of transportation, manufacturing, book publishing and other sectors such as high net worth individuals. Dama is focused on providing the firm’s clients with personalized attention while tapping into her various resources such as the firms’ RSM Alliance relationship. She is driven to stay on top of industry standards and solutions for her clients.

In 2017, Dama was promoted to Firm Leader of the firm’s Tax Services Department.

When Dama isn’t solving the world’s tax dilemmas, she enjoys her time at home with her husband and son, whether on long walks with their dogs or enjoying her hobby of photography.

Contact: Dama@rosenfieldandco.com