Nicholl Amurao

Nicholl Amurao

Firm Administrator

Nicholl Amurao

When you learn to fly a plane, you need a checklist for safety and organization and it’s the same here in the office. When you fly you have to keep your cool to get through a serious situation. We keep our cool here to get through our busy season when there are deadlines and reports are due. You can’t react until afterwards. Nicholl Amurao

About Nicholl Amurao

Nicholl serves as Firm Administrator for Rosenfield and Company. She handles all things Rosenfield, including Accounts Payable, Human Resources and interoffice operations between the firm’s three locations on the East Coast.

She is a graduate of Valencia College and has been with Rosenfield and Company since 2007. She has assisted in the firm’s ongoing growth, serving as the main point of contact for both staff and clients, managing the staff’s ongoing education and providing training to new staff as well as assisting in the firm’s many marketing efforts.

As some may think Nicholl never leaves the offices of Rosenfield and Company, she can be found in her down time with her husband and two wonderful step-daughters. She enjoys crafting, cooking and spoiling her dog Delilah.